Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Fun

Today was a super fun day. In the morning we had a sheep shearing party with friends and family, and in the evening the animals all got to free range and are still doing so as I type this. Here are some photos and fun happenings from today.

Here are the freshly sheared, and very happy sheep! Now Bo can actually see and they are both very clean looking. We got a ton of wool from them that we will be selling to a buyer who bought them in advance.

The Flowers are blooming here at Hens and Hooves farm! As long as we keep the animals from eating them there will be lots of pretty flowers soon! 


Here are some photos of some very happy and photogenic chickens! Every single one has been giving us eggs and they are all posing for pictures as well, they must be happy its spring too!

In the silkie coop it's silkie galore! We have the buff sizzle pen, the Blue, Black, and Splash Pen, and the grow outs in the middle!

There was lots of dust bathing today, as the soil is now soft and nice again.

Clover came and visited me when I was working in the barn. This is the kind of motivation that I need! 

Worms galore today! The recently rainy weather has brought out lots of worms!

The Polish grow outs got out today too! They are very hyper little guys and gals!

As you can see, the weather is wonderful and everyone is very happy!

If anyone is in Connecticut and wants a Polish Cockeral please email me at because we have a few that need rehoming because we have too many roosters!

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