Friday, April 4, 2014

Peek at the Week {Week of 4/4/2014}

This week was super fun! It was very sunny and warm so everyone free ranged for hours and hours for a couple days in a row! Here are some fun shots from the past couple days.

Portia was very photogenic this week and enjoyed running all over like a maniac!

Portia and Popcorn went worm searching for a little while! 

Pepper was very photogenic as well and had lots of fun in the sun! Her sister Luna, on the other hand, was not too keen and stayed inside the run mostly except for a brief couple of moments which are pictured below.

What's up? Two chicken butts!

Popcorn running over for a cuddle.

Ellie II posed very well behind the eggs. This photo will be on the post advertising the fresh eggs we sell down the street.

Even the silkies enjoyed coming out for a little bit! Lefty's flock and Cluck Norris's flock stayed separate except for a little squabble between the two guys over a piece of watermelon, which was ended when I broke it in half.

Ruby pecking around in hopes for something good, like a nice juicy worm!

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