Monday, April 28, 2014

New Flock Members

Now that we have taken the path of chicken breeding, we are keeping most of our silkies for breeding. Since Cluck Norris is very loud and is related to most of our silkie hens, we decided we would find him a home where he could be the only rooster and have all the hens to himself. So we could help him get a home, because rehoming cockerels is difficult, we said we would send his sister to go with him. After a craigslist ad and lots of hoping we finally found a perfect home. Cluck Norris and May will now have a coop and 25 x 30 foot run all to themselves. Finding a cockerel I raised from a chick a good home is enough reward in itself so we charged nothing for him and his sister. I would call this a mission accomplished. 

While some were re-homed, we also gained three new chicks and three new hens! 

From Left to right, Hally an Easter Egger, Buffy the Mealworm Slayer a Buff Orpington, and Chestnut an Easter Egger.

This is Spitz, an Appenzeller Spitzhauben hen. She's very friendly and will scream her lungs out if she can't find Stormie or Missy.

This is Stormie, a gorgeous Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen! She is very curious and immediately began exploring every nook and cranny in the barn until we finally found her and put her back with Spitz, who was screaming out for her. 

This is Missy, a Partridge Rock Hen! She is the most laid back in the group but always follows right behind Spitz her good friend.

Stay tuned for more fun with these spunky hens and chicks! We can't wait until they are done their quarantine and can join the others! Also this morning, their first morning here, we received a big egg from all of them! A good sign they are happy and healthy!