Monday, March 24, 2014

Peek at the Week {Week of 3/17/2014}

This week was full of lots of fun. With all the warm weather everyone got outside to peck around or graze and get some exercise. With the ground moist from all the snow, the chickens got tons of worms! The sheep had fun goofing around but unfortunately there hasn't been much grass to eat just yet. Here are some shots from this fun-filled week.

Bo was feeling very photogenic when he posed for these two photos. He cannot wait to be sheared as he has a lot of wool in front of his eyes. The twins will be sheared some time in April by the President of the Connecticut Sheep Breeders Society! We have already found someone who has interest in their wool so they will be picking it up soon after to make something out of it. We may be getting a blanket made of their wool as a souvenir! 

The girls had a ball running all over eating worms and scratching around. They are happy not to be stuck inside anymore because of the snow. They enjoyed sunbathing and dust bathing as well. 

Popcorn being her beautiful self, as usual! 

What's up? Chicken Butt! Stringbean's butt to be exact! 

A nice shot of the barn, where all the new siding is finally starting to darken to the shade of the existing wood. Hopefully it won't take as long to become that color, because the barn is very old, and so is the existing wood! 

We have been very busy with hatches and chicks so I will ne making a post with a chick count soon. Happy Spring to our wonderful readers and check back soon for new posts. 

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