Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meet Lefty

Today we welcomed Lefty, a Buff Frilkie Cockerel, to our farm! He's around 3 months old and is the most wonderful guy ever. He is the same color as Butterscotch was, I'm sure Butterscotch has a major crush on him in heaven right now! He is a frizzled silkies, AKA a Frilkie! He's a wonderful little guy, already very friendly and has such a personality! He's very pretty and will probably become even more pretty as his plumage grows out. 

On the ride home he jumped out of his box for a pet! He couldn't wait til we got home I guess! He looks very handsome in his chicken diaper, although I don't think he fancies the flowers on it. Maybe we need to get him a tough guy chicken diaper! 

No doubt he is very curious too! He follows us around until he gets attention and a pet! You can see the evidence of a yogurt snack on his beak too!

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