Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chick Photo Shoot!

Today, after cleaning the entire barn and finishing the large brooder, I set up the white background and took some chick photos! Some chicks were happy to pose and others immediately scattered among the basement floor. Here are some fun shots of our big chicks who are already one week old!

"Perfect Pose"

"Modest Glance"

"Twinkly Eyes"

"Get me outta here!"

"Mad Face"

"What is that sound?"

"Brrr... its c-c-cold!"

"Wait for me!"

"Has no idea picture is being taken"

"Chubby Chick"

"Mohawk Madness"

"Partridge Pals"

"Caught by Suprise"

I also used the white background to take some photos of our eggs to put up in the church where I am selling them. We got a lot of nice eggs today, so it was the perfect day to take some egg photos.

This was a perspective photo in "the perspective of an egg".

This was a "faraway glance" of the eggs.

Here's a behind the scenes photo of how we did it! Read below on how to set up your own white background!

How to set up your own white background for a photo shoot

1. Get a white foam core poster board for the backdrop.

2. Get a flexible white poster to use on the bottom and the sides in some cases. We used paper towel on the bottom because we didn't want the chicks to poop on the poster board. We cropped out the bottom and had no worries, but if you would like to include their feet, you may have to sacrifice a poster board or two.

3. Get a lamp or heat lamp and then get a normal household lightbulb and put it inside. This provides the right amount of light to take a good photo. For the chick photos I lay the lamp on the ground to shine up at them and make a shadow on the backboard and give more light. This isn't required, but I thought it made it look nicer.
4. Set up your camera on a tripod or on the ground and position it to point where the objects will be placed. This is helpful when you are trying to take a picture of a feisty chick because then you don't have to take the time to position it and miss a good shot. 

Good Luck with your chick photo shoot and we'd love to see some of your shots! Share them with us on Facebook or tag us in them on Instagram! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Peek at the Week {2/3/2014}

Our farm is pleased to welcome its newest friend, Victoria! Victoria is an 18 month old Blue Silkie hen all the way from Goodsprings, Tennessee. She was put on a plane which brought her to a nearby airport from which she was driven to numerous sorting facilities to arrive at our post office at 1:00 pm today. She is currently in our house, where we are coaxing her with golf balls to go broody so we can put our current chicks with her. She hasn't given in yet, but we are still trying. We also ordered six hatching eggs which came with her. There are porcelain, red, red. Unfortunately when I was putting them in one broke so now we are down to 5 eggs. Victoria will live in the barn with the other black and blue colored silkies after she has been quarantined.

Much overdue, the silkie breeding pens/ coop has been built! Currently it's just the large area shown in the picture, but when the breeding groups are older and can be moved in there it will be divided by color. The silkies are living in there, accompanied by their hutch which we kept there so they would be comfortable and warm, as well as the new large nest boxes, which Henrietta enjoys laying her eggs in. Victoria will join them when she is done being quarantined.

After having much difficulty doing it ourselves, we brought the chicks to the vet to get vaccinated for Marek's, which is how we lost butterscotch, our partridge silkie, a little while ago. They all did fine, and afterwards the cat pictured below came to say hello (or size them up for a meal!). 

Just recently I started selling fresh eggs down the street at a church's nursery school, and sold our first dozen this week! We charge $4.00 a dozen and I will be taking all the nice looking eggs there once or twice a week.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brooder Cam is LIVE!

Our hatch is complete! We hatched 14 out of 28 eggs, although 6 eggs were removed early on because they weren't developing. We now have the webcam inside the brooder! It's on the same link as the hatch cam!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chicks, Chicks, and More Chicks!

It appears that most of our eggs are done hatching, leaving us with 13 wonderful chicks! It seems that there are about 7 silkies, 1 showgirl, and 5 polish so far. They are all healthy and happy, and love pecking at their pine shavings. Here are some chick and hatching pics.