Monday, January 13, 2014

Three Great Chicken Care Apps

Recently I have been asked by readers if I know of any chicken keeping apps, so here's a couple I have found very helpful and interesting.

Backyard Chickens (BYC) App by Ludlow Concepts, Inc.
Most chicken keepers know of the online backyard chicken keeping website, which now has it's own app where you can access the forums on the go.

Pickin Chicken Breed Selector Tool by Mother Earth News
An app made from the well known Mother Earth News, Pickin Chicken Breed Selector tool is the best way to find the breed right for you! By entering criteria you will be given a list of which breeds will serve you purpose best. 

$2.99 - Click here to learn more.

iHatch-Chickens by iHatch Apps
I hatch chickens is a great aid in hatching your own eggs. View how the eggs should be developing day by day with photos of the inside and while candling. I am using this right now to see what my eggs are supposed to look like. 

These are just a few I have taken to liking, but there are many others too. You can also get many free and paid chicken care e-books and magazines on smartphones and tablets. If you find any cool ones please share them with me!

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