Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rest in Peace, Butterscotch

About a week ago, Butterscotch, our Partridge Silkie Chick, started to become wobbly and had trouble standing up. Just a few days ago she could no longer stand and wasn't drinking. We suspected she had Marek's Disease, a disease that is incurable if your chickens are unlucky enough to get it. We brought her to the vet today, to find she did in fact have Marek's disease. The vet said she had little time left and that time wouldn't be enjoyable for her, so we made the hardest decision any chicken keeper should ever have to make, to have her put down. We didn't want her to suffer and there was no way we could help her so that was what had to be done.

Rest in Peace, Butterscotch.
About Marek's Disease:
Most chickens are vaccinated as chicks at the hatchery or by the breeder when they are one day old. The breeder we got them from did not do this to our Silkies, and this is what happens. This one was not in our control because if they don't get it as chicks, getting the vaccine later in life won't do much. Take this as a strong warning that you should always vaccine newly hatched chicks for Marek's and you should try not to buy any birds that have not been vaccinated. We made the mistake of buying birds without the Marek's vaccine and we suffered the consequences.

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