Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Expanding our Flock in the New Year

First of all, Happy New Year to all our readers! As you read about in my last post, we recently acquired a new incubator, with a capacity of 24 eggs! Yesterday we ordered enough eggs to meet the capacity of this incubator! First, I ordered half a dozen Cuckoo Silkie eggs. Cuckoo Silkies have a barred pattern, and the same you would see on a cuckoo marans hen. Here's a photo I found of a beautiful Cuckoo Silkie. Silkies are very friendly and are good mothers.

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I also ordered half of a dozen Showgirl Silkie hatching eggs. Showgirls are what you get when you cross a naked neck and a Silkie. They can be any color that a normal Silkie can be, but will produce Silkie offspring, not naked neck. Showgirls have the same disposition of a silkie, and are good mothers.

Photo from
Last, we ordered a dozen assorted Polish hatching eggs! Polish chickens have a large crest, which looks like a crazy hairdo, and come in many colors and patterns. Polish are very friendly and good pets.

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 I will post an update when the eggs arrive, so stay tuned! We hope to expand our flock this year and start breeding Silkies.  

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  1. I have cuckoo silkies too. They are just adorable! Good luck with your polish. They are beautiful but very flighty. I had some, but they were a bit crazy for me lol

    ~Lisa M