Sunday, December 8, 2013

Silkies' New Digs

Now that Hoppy, our rabbit, is having trouble walking, we took off his second hutch to use for the Silkies. Yes, that's right, Hoppy had two hutches. We connected two so he would have more space, but now he only uses the other one, so the Silkies are now occupying his extra hutch. We gave it to the silkies because the dog crate and playpen weren't going to be a good long term plan, because the sheep kept knocking down the playpen to get the Silkies' food. The silkies like this better it seems, and during the summer we can just simply carry it outside and they're all set. Here's a few photos of the new "Silkie Penthouse".

Conveniently, there's a nesting box and sleeping area as well!

We were able to use the same feeders by hanging them on the wire side of the cage. This is much better than sticking the ground feeders in there which would take up a ton of space. 

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