Friday, December 6, 2013

Peek at the Week {Week of 12/2/2012}

Unfortunately, this week wasn't very eventful, because most of the week was rainy, which was a bummer because the temperatures were fairly warm this week. I was able to get some photos during a break in the rain, and got a little bit of sun, which also allowed us to free range everyone. 

While they were free ranging, Bo the sheep was following around Popcorn, which he's done a couple times before. We still have no idea why, but maybe he thinks since she's white she's a sheep too! Popcorn looks through the fence to the sheep sometimes too. Very cute, although not seen at all when Bo followed her, as she walked fast like she was casually trying to run away. I guess she likes it better being on the other side of the fence from the two sheep.

A shot of the chickens taking off down the hill, on their usual free ranging route. They go down the hill, around the perimeter of the property, and then run across the lawn to the rose bush to destroy the garden. Never a different route, probably never will be. Chickens are so cool with their routines.


They got lots of worms when they were free ranging, as it's been warm and rainy recently. They didn't seem to mind that it was still a little wet, I guess they are  taking every chance they get to free range before winter when they'll be stuck inside with little to do. 

They foraged in the woods for anything that may be tasty, but found nothing but worms, not saying they were complaining, but they knew they could definitely do better.

Pepper is still keeping her "Most Photogenic Chicken" award, as she continues to pose perfectly for photos, although the silkies may steal her award if they get outside more often to pose.

One a nicer day this week, the silkies were able to get out and explore the sheep paddock and stretch their wings. I also got a bunch of photos of them when there was sun for a couple minutes. They got a ton of worms, and had lots of fun!

When the sheep came back after they got tired from free ranging, we put the Silkies into the outdoor coop to avoid them being trampled.

While the others explored outside, Eve stayed inside and dug around in the hay, also avoiding the wind. Such a smart little girl!

Since there's little grass left to eat, we've been leaving hay around the lawn to give the sheep something to eat but still forage for it a little.

 We had a "Pepper Photoshoot" on the perches, where the chickens love to preen themselves and of course, pose for photos!

 That was our week, hopefully yours was a little more eventful and much less rainy. If you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out our last posts on wildlife treats and the Silkies' one month anniversary on our farm! Stay tuned for a guest blogger as well as possibly a small contest! Thank you for reading this week's "Peak at the Week" and check back for next week's "Peek at the Week."

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