Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nighttime Visits

Many people light their coops for a couple hours at night to continue laying during the winter. We don't, but unusually we still get eggs throughout the winter, and lots of them. I would show you a photo from all the eggs this morning, but I tripped and spilled the whole basket! I will say there was a lot though. 

The fact that I am sometimes working in there at night, with the lights on, could be a factor. Another could be that since they're in an insulated barn, the temperature doesn't fluctuate much, and its not very drafty. That may impact laying since they're comfortable and the temperature inside may lead them to believe it isn't in face winter yet. That may not necessarily be the case, but its definitely a possibility. 

Here's a couples shots from last night when I was working in the barn, and they were all walking around and eating since the lights were on. Oddly enough, someone laid an egg while I was working in there, and it was their first egg too! We think it was either one of the speckled sussex or Popcorn. I usually only work in there on weekends, but maybe that's enough to lead them to think it's not winter after all. 

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