Sunday, December 1, 2013

Free Range Fun and More!

Today we seized the opportunity to free range because it's been such a warm day and the chickens have been rather bored without much to do and being stuck inside a lot recently. As always when we free range, I took lots of photos, we gave each of the the chickens a little TLC, and of course they got some corn! 

Pepper was posing for lots of photos today, but I liked this one the most. She's become a beautiful girl and she hasn't had any more problems with her eye in a long time. She's feathering out beautifully and getting a big red comb! 

 Portia and Pepper were  fighting over a big juicy worm when Popcorn came and grabbed it from them! Snooze you loose, girls!

Surprisingly the girls found a lot of worms today, which is weird because the ground has been cold and hard. Maybe this warm day and last night's rain brought them out for a little bit. That would explain all the robins everywhere!

 Clover stole some cracked corn from the chickens, and we discovered she also has a taste for granola. Bo is always too busy eating grass or hay to get any treats, so Clover is getting very plump!

Found this dog jacket at Marshalls and thought it would look adorable on a chicken. That's for sure! How can you not love a barred rock in a pink jacket with a furry hood? If you're the barred rock! She did NOT like it, which is why it will now be a silkie coat, or be repurposed so it's more comfortable on her. It was worth it for this shot though right? She's giving that "Mom you're embarrassing me, take it off now!" look.

The silkies got out for a while today and had the sheep paddock all to themselves while everyone else was free ranging. They got a bunch of worms and their mom showed them how to dust bathe. Butterscotch and Eve are nearly as big as their mom, Henrietta! May is still a little runt, and is only half the size of Eve, who was the same size as her just weeks ago. The silkies are much healthier and happier than they were when they came here. Henrietta and Butterscotch have gotten some gorgeous plumages and the other two barely have any more chick down. They're all much more plump and energetic then before. They should be starting to lay by this spring! Hopefully Henrietta will go broody this spring and we can get her to raise some more chicks. She's proven to be an amazing mother to these three and I'm sure she would love to do it again!

Right now the sun is starting to set and everyone is getting cozy in the barn for the cold night ahead! It's surprising how much the temperature has been dropping recently, so we've been sure to give them lots of hay! This thanksgiving week has been great, and we've gotten a lot done on the farm to prepare for the winter. We are truly thankful for such an amazing farm and such amazing animals. Stay tuned for more posts this week on our fun doings! 

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