Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Snow of the Season

Today we were fortunate to get a beautiful dusting of snow, and it was the first snow for many animals on our farm. The 7 chicks, and the three silkie chicks, had never seen snow before. Here's some shots of them having some fun!

The sheep loved eating the snow, and they both got their faces covered in snow! They're such goofballs! They couldn't care less about the icicles hanging from their wool. I have NEVER seen something eat so much snow! Although the chickens also ate a ton of snow.

It took a lot of encouragement with cracked corn, but they finally came out! The newer chickens who had never seen snow before ate a ton, but were skeptical at first. They only walked on the paths I made them, because they didn't want cold feet. 

This is the first snow for the barn's new shingles and siding, fingers crossed! There's few things more beautiful in my eyes than a barn covered in snow, although the chickens and sheep are one of those few things.

Hopefully this snow will stay, and maybe we'll get some more, although I am going to miss free ranging, as it's not a much fun with snow on the ground. As for the Silkies, they took one look at the snow and were like "Ohhh nooo!". Needless to say they've been cuddled up inside the warmth of their hutch all day.

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