Friday, November 29, 2013

Peek at the Week {Week of 11/25/13}

We are introducing a new tradition to our blog! We will post a "Peek at the week" where we will post photos from the past week, write updates on how everyone's doing, and events that are coming up. Here's goes the first "Peek at the Week!".

This week was fairly uneventful, because the cold has kept most of the animals inside, and it was rainy most of the week. Today we got a sunny beautiful morning, so the animals all seized the opportunity.

The sheep enjoyed a free range this morning while we had some nice weather and ate the little grass that is left to eat. They mostly just ran around and stretched their legs after staying inside the past few days. This is our first winter with the sheep, and we thought the would be much more cold hardy, but they have been staying inside for the last week staying warm. 

This week we filled up our bird feeder which we finally found a replacement lid for. Now that it's full, there hasn't been a moment where there hasn't been a bird on it! Better there then in the barn harassing the chickens to get their food. We've already seen some gorgeous cardinals on it,  lets hope they stick around!

The Beech tree in front of the barn has finally lost all its leaves, so now the yard is very bare. Probably because of the wind, there's been tons of small Beech tree branches stuck in the aviary netting on top of the chicken run. They're VERY annoying to try to get off, and if we don't remove them, then they will accumulate and weigh it down. This year we'll also have to see how the new posts holding it up do against the weight of the snow, as last year the posts snapped because there was so much snow!

The outdoor chicken feeder we added has recently been the main attraction for the feathered egg machines. They have nothing to peck at or eat anymore so they have nothing to do but peck at it all day! Due to the weather this week they've stayed inside most of the time anyways, and they've been giving us tons of eggs! 

We're happy to welcome this beautiful hen to the farm!! This brave hen has been scratching in the flowers all week, despite the cold! The only downside is she doesn't lay any eggs, but on the upside she doesn't require feeding, housing, or anything! A great chicken for those who can't care for a living one. Click here to find the chicken right for you! Warning; These "perfect chickens" have been known to make a huge dent in your wallet, beware!

Today we hope to organize and clean the barn so we can fit more animals in it and find things more easily, More on that later. This week we hope to make some homemade bird treats to hang in the trees for the wild bird population as well as make some for the chickens. That was our first "Peek at the Week", stay tuned for next week's "Peek at the Week" as well as more posts throughout the week!

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