Friday, November 29, 2013

5 Chicken Products that will make your life easier

Since there are so many great deals this Black Friday, I thought I would share 5 products that will make your lives easier.
  1. Automatic Chicken Door -{$180}- This door opens and closes at a set time, or by a photo sensor, so that you don't have to change your dinner plans to lock up the chickens for the night. We have this product and it's probably the most useful thing we've ever bought for our chickens.
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  3. Solar Night Eyes -{$19.99}- Nite eyes flash two small lights that look like eyes and will deter predators at night time. These will keep all types predators from making a feast out of your chickens.                               
  4. Chicken Saddle -{$12-17} - These will protect hens who have lost back feathers from a vigorous rooster or have been picked on continuously by other chickens. This will let them regrow their feathers and heal. Available in all different sizes and colors.
  5. Heated Chicken Waterer -{$44.95}- This will give your chickens a source of water even in the coldest of winters. 
  6. Chicken Water Nipple -{$7.99 for 5}- These provide a clean water source for your chickens, the same way they make traditional rabbit waterers. These are great for people with ducks who don't want them swimming in the chickens' water.

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