Saturday, December 28, 2013

Peek at the Week {Week of 12/23/2013}

This "Peek at the Week" only really includes today, since we've been away for the rest of the week. Here's what's happened today, and some photos to go along.

The chickens enjoyed free ranging in the warm weather after being stuck inside because of the snow, and not being able to free range. They got lots of worms, because of all the melted snow bringing them out of hiding. 

Popcorn posed for lots of photos today, probably showing off her clean white feathers, since they've been staying clean inside all week.

I was able to get this funny shot of Portia popping up her head when she heard me shake the treat bucket.

 The chickens even ventured to the front yard today, which they rarely do. They then remembered why they don't do up there, because all the plants are coniferous and not so tasty.

The chickens got a treat of fresh corn, which the sheep usually don't eat, but today they inhaled half the pile! 

Pepper posed for this awesome shot, which shows how big her comb has gotten!

Popcorn was pecking at was left of the snow and ice, a little puzzled I'm sure.

This photo shows that birds of a feather really do flock together! These two stood by each other's sides for the whole free range time. 

The Silkies, who have grown tremendously in the week since I last saw them, were able to get a peck around outside since it's so warm out today. 

These two had a face off over who got the gigantic worm they found, Butterscotch won.

Butterscotch posed for another close up, where you can see her fluffy hairdo.

The sheep started a headbutt battle in the middle of the lawn, and gained an audience as the chickens came over to see what was going on. Since there was no grass to eat, they continued this for the whole free ranging time! 

This week our farm got its first incubator! It's an Octagon 20 Eco from Brinsea, and has a capacity of 24 eggs! We are looking forward to purchasing some hatching eggs this week, so stay tuned for that! 

Thank you for joining us for this week's peek at the week! Stay tuned for more fun farm happenings!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Peek at the Week {Week of 12/8/2013}

This week we were lucky enough to get our first snow! The newer chickens hadn't seen snow before and the sheep were only wee lambs for their first snow, so the reactions were very funny! Here's some photos from this amazing week.

The sheep got into a kerfuffle over who got to eat the snow first shortly after they came outside. They began a head butt battle under the bare beech tree. This lasted for nearly twenty minutes, before...

... They quickly made up, realizing that on the other side of the barn, there was enough snow to go around, and it wasn't worth fighting over. 

Clover strutted over to me when I was taking photos, expecting a treat for the trouble of having to kick aside the snow to eat the grass. How couldn't I give into that face? Her and her brother are having sweet dreams about the grain they hope to get tommorrow. Ya right, I think we need to sign them up for weight watchers!

Clover asking why the chickens got cracked corn and not her. Apparently she has the attention span of a goldfish, or is trying to trick me into giving her another treat.

Clover was a little messy when digging into her feast of snow. She took a good ten minutes to lick it off her face, with a little help from Bo.

They then enjoyed grazing on what grass was still available, which wasn't much. 

The chickens enjoyed some frozen moss that they found on the area I shoveled for them. Why don't they eat the moss the rest of the year?

While free ranging, they stuck to the path I shoveled them very strictly, and avoided the snow at all costs!

When the sheep got bored of eating snow and beating each other up, they began to mingle with the chickens. The chickens were not very pleased by the large snow covered beasts that were eating all their moss.

This was the new chickens' reaction to when it started to snow. They continuously shook off the unidentifed white stuff falling from the sky. I don't blame them, I would probably do the same.

I then realized the perfect opportunity to take some scenery photos, so I seized it. Here are some shots of the farm and the snow. 

This week was fun, and there was lots of snow. As you can see in some of these photos, the snow is already starting to melt. Hopefully tommorrow's predicted storm will replenish the layer of snow on the ground. Thanks for reading this week's "Peek at the Week" and stay tuned for more posts leading up to the holidays! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wishing all our readers a Happy Holidays

Considering all the decorations out, and that the holidays have already started in some religions, I though it would be a good time to wish you call a happy holidays. This way I'll know that people will see it because the holiday break hasn't started yet for most, so ya'll are still around.

Happy Holidays to everyone! We thank you all for reading about our adventures, and wish you all the best during this holiday season! No matter what religion, and who you're spending the holidays with, be sure to enjoy it and take a break! We'd love to hear what our readers are doing this holiday season, so share below or on Facebook

First Snow of the Season

Today we were fortunate to get a beautiful dusting of snow, and it was the first snow for many animals on our farm. The 7 chicks, and the three silkie chicks, had never seen snow before. Here's some shots of them having some fun!

The sheep loved eating the snow, and they both got their faces covered in snow! They're such goofballs! They couldn't care less about the icicles hanging from their wool. I have NEVER seen something eat so much snow! Although the chickens also ate a ton of snow.

It took a lot of encouragement with cracked corn, but they finally came out! The newer chickens who had never seen snow before ate a ton, but were skeptical at first. They only walked on the paths I made them, because they didn't want cold feet. 

This is the first snow for the barn's new shingles and siding, fingers crossed! There's few things more beautiful in my eyes than a barn covered in snow, although the chickens and sheep are one of those few things.

Hopefully this snow will stay, and maybe we'll get some more, although I am going to miss free ranging, as it's not a much fun with snow on the ground. As for the Silkies, they took one look at the snow and were like "Ohhh nooo!". Needless to say they've been cuddled up inside the warmth of their hutch all day.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nighttime Visits

Many people light their coops for a couple hours at night to continue laying during the winter. We don't, but unusually we still get eggs throughout the winter, and lots of them. I would show you a photo from all the eggs this morning, but I tripped and spilled the whole basket! I will say there was a lot though. 

The fact that I am sometimes working in there at night, with the lights on, could be a factor. Another could be that since they're in an insulated barn, the temperature doesn't fluctuate much, and its not very drafty. That may impact laying since they're comfortable and the temperature inside may lead them to believe it isn't in face winter yet. That may not necessarily be the case, but its definitely a possibility. 

Here's a couples shots from last night when I was working in the barn, and they were all walking around and eating since the lights were on. Oddly enough, someone laid an egg while I was working in there, and it was their first egg too! We think it was either one of the speckled sussex or Popcorn. I usually only work in there on weekends, but maybe that's enough to lead them to think it's not winter after all. 

Silkies' New Digs

Now that Hoppy, our rabbit, is having trouble walking, we took off his second hutch to use for the Silkies. Yes, that's right, Hoppy had two hutches. We connected two so he would have more space, but now he only uses the other one, so the Silkies are now occupying his extra hutch. We gave it to the silkies because the dog crate and playpen weren't going to be a good long term plan, because the sheep kept knocking down the playpen to get the Silkies' food. The silkies like this better it seems, and during the summer we can just simply carry it outside and they're all set. Here's a few photos of the new "Silkie Penthouse".

Conveniently, there's a nesting box and sleeping area as well!

We were able to use the same feeders by hanging them on the wire side of the cage. This is much better than sticking the ground feeders in there which would take up a ton of space. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Peek at the Week {Week of 12/2/2012}

Unfortunately, this week wasn't very eventful, because most of the week was rainy, which was a bummer because the temperatures were fairly warm this week. I was able to get some photos during a break in the rain, and got a little bit of sun, which also allowed us to free range everyone. 

While they were free ranging, Bo the sheep was following around Popcorn, which he's done a couple times before. We still have no idea why, but maybe he thinks since she's white she's a sheep too! Popcorn looks through the fence to the sheep sometimes too. Very cute, although not seen at all when Bo followed her, as she walked fast like she was casually trying to run away. I guess she likes it better being on the other side of the fence from the two sheep.

A shot of the chickens taking off down the hill, on their usual free ranging route. They go down the hill, around the perimeter of the property, and then run across the lawn to the rose bush to destroy the garden. Never a different route, probably never will be. Chickens are so cool with their routines.


They got lots of worms when they were free ranging, as it's been warm and rainy recently. They didn't seem to mind that it was still a little wet, I guess they are  taking every chance they get to free range before winter when they'll be stuck inside with little to do. 

They foraged in the woods for anything that may be tasty, but found nothing but worms, not saying they were complaining, but they knew they could definitely do better.

Pepper is still keeping her "Most Photogenic Chicken" award, as she continues to pose perfectly for photos, although the silkies may steal her award if they get outside more often to pose.

One a nicer day this week, the silkies were able to get out and explore the sheep paddock and stretch their wings. I also got a bunch of photos of them when there was sun for a couple minutes. They got a ton of worms, and had lots of fun!

When the sheep came back after they got tired from free ranging, we put the Silkies into the outdoor coop to avoid them being trampled.

While the others explored outside, Eve stayed inside and dug around in the hay, also avoiding the wind. Such a smart little girl!

Since there's little grass left to eat, we've been leaving hay around the lawn to give the sheep something to eat but still forage for it a little.

 We had a "Pepper Photoshoot" on the perches, where the chickens love to preen themselves and of course, pose for photos!

 That was our week, hopefully yours was a little more eventful and much less rainy. If you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out our last posts on wildlife treats and the Silkies' one month anniversary on our farm! Stay tuned for a guest blogger as well as possibly a small contest! Thank you for reading this week's "Peak at the Week" and check back for next week's "Peek at the Week."